Thickness measurement of rollers in paper machines using Lizzard

Kiwa Inspecta’s Lizzard ultrasound scanner is used for measuring the thickness of rollers in paper machines.

It is fast, light and particularly suitable for confined spaces between the rollers. As it is fitted with magnetic wheels, it can even handle the scanning of the underside of your rollers.

Our scanner has an optical encoder in order to make precise position determinations. It is highly manoeuvrable and can be rotated 180° on its own axis.

The scanner is fitted with a special detector that continuously measures the speed of sound of the material. The measured speed of sound at any point is used at the same time as the calibration for thickness measurement at that same point. This eliminates any measurement uncertainty there may be in castings due to the varying speed of sound in the material.

Kiwa Inspecta’s Lizzard scanner can also be fitted with a video camera for visual inspection.

Benefits of thickness measurement using Lizzard

  • No scaffolding is needed
  • Provides access to confined spaces
  • Handles materials with varying speed of sound such as castings through automatic calibration.
  • Provides continuous thickness measurement from end to end of the roller.
  • Kiwa Inspecta stores all data for analysis, evaluation and supplies you with a detailed inspection report.