Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current

Corrosion attacks result in high costs to industry each year. The consequences of corrosion can be significant production losses, risk of environmental pollution, and risks to your staff’s safety and health. It is therefore important that corrosion attacks are detected at an early stage.

SLOFEC is a reliable method of detecting corrosion and provides an early warning to help you avoid costly incidents and plant stoppages.

Kiwa Inspecta’s SLOFEC technology meets today's high demands in the power, heating, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. SLOFEC uses the eddy current principle in combination with a magnetic field. Using induced magnetism, which increases the depth of penetration, defects and all kinds of material losses can be detected deep inside the material. The technique is an inspection method for identifying internal and external corrosion and defects in thin and thick sheet metal and pipes.

The technique can be used for scanning pipes and floors and is extremely effective when testing objects such as pipelines, tank roofs, tank floors, tank walls, spheres, and cisterns. The majority of materials and dimensions can be tested using SLOFEC.

Benefits of scanning with SLOFEC 

  • Full non-destructive inspections
  • Reliable inspection results
  • High inspection rate
  • Testing through coatings, such as paint layers, with a thickness of up to 10 mm
  • High detection sensitivity of defects in thicknesses up to 35 mm
  • A clear separation of internal and external defects
  • Inspection at higher temperatures
  • Provides clear colour-based mapping of the extent of damage in user-friendly reports.