Calibration of Measurement Devices

Calibration of Measurement Devices

Measurements of mass, length and volume are widely used as reference standards in various industries. For example, in all manufacturing processes, correct measurements are a must in order to comply with the quality assurance criteria set by your company’s quality systems or your customers’ requirements. Measurements can have safety aspects, too. For example, power plants are often dependent on flow measurements, which ensure that the cooling water is flowing in as planned.

Accuracy is, of course, the most important factor regarding measurements. Therefore it is important to calibrate and monitor your measurement devices on a regular basis. Kiwa Inspecta has the knowhow and the equipment for measuring and calibrating mass, volume, length, electricity, flow, pressure, heat and thermal energy.

In the calibration process, we compare the display readings of the meter with the traceable national and international measurement standards. If they comply, a calibration certificate is given. We can calibrate the instrumentation both in the laboratory and on site at each customer's premises.

Benefits of Calibration of Measurement Devices

  • Ensures correct measurements on mass, volume, length, electricity, flow, pressure, heat and thermal energy
  • Saves you money by reducing waste due to accurate measurements
  • Enables smooth production processes