Q3web simplifies and reduces costs for our clients by providing access to our database. Here you can find reports and certificates for printing out or downloading to your own computer system, as well as status reports for inspected objects and inspection schedules.

Through our internet-based tool Q3web we can easily help you to have a good overview of all the data our inspections yield. The Q3web gives you simplicity, transparency and a complete record of data from our inspections at your facilities. You get access to statistics, history and are able to export data to your own maintenance or construction system.

Q3web is divided into inspection and welding objects, where you can manage most of the inspection reports and welding certificates. Just connect and log in!

Many of our major customers have chosen to use Q3web for their electronic distribution of certificates and reports.

Benefits with using Q3web

  • Q3web is effective and easy to use
  • You will immediately see when the next survey is planned or if it's already been carried out.
  • You can access the same information about your plant as Inspecta.
  • You can obtain more detailed information about the status of your objects that must be inspected by law.
  • You do not need to think about the filing of a certificate, when the latest survey was conducted or what the outcome was.
  • Our inspection engineers can include reports of injuries that you immediately can see in the Q3web.
  • You can update information about items and plants directly in Q3web.
  • You can report in Q3web when deficiencies are remedied and order a new survey if necessary
  • Documents and files such as photos of injuries, can be created.
  • You get a message when there is some new information about your item or object.