Inspection of Safety-Related Automation

Inspection of Safety-Related Automation

Safety-related automatic systems are widely used in chemical and energy industries. Typically, reactors and steam boilers are made secure by safety-related automation along with other safety-related systems. Well-functioning automation can make your operations easier and more profitable. However, systems today are highly complex and potentially dangerous. Therefore their condition needs to be assessed on a regular basis to protect people, the environment and your other equipment.

Kiwa Inspecta offers assessment work for safely-related automation. Our services ensure that the systems meet and achieve the safety requirements needed and your automation’s quality demands are met. We also check that programmable security systems are implemented independently. Our service covers the life cycle of safety-related automation implementation up to the commission phase.

Assessment is based on international and national safety-related automation standards, such as IEC 61508. The main target of our assessment is to find possible systematic faults in the implementation processes of safety-related automation. Steps of evaluation are split into four different areas; safety requirements specification; design and engineering; installation, commissioning and validation; operation and maintenance. With these inspections all parts and perspectives of the safety-related automation will be assessed.

With our assessment we pay extra attention to safety matters. Our service helps to find possible faults in the automation’s safety procedures and verify that applications fulfil the required safety standards for safe operation. Kiwa Inspecta is accredited as an independent third-party service provider.

Benefits of Inspection of Safety-Related Automation

  • Ensures safety for your people and the environment
  • Minimizes risks of expensive stoppages, ensures ongoing process
  • Helps you to manage risks
  • Gives you valuable information of the whole life-cycle of the system − helping you to take the right action at the right time

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