Trust & Quality

Trust & Quality

The market has great confidence in Inspecta. It is the customers’ trust that has earned Inspecta the position of being the market leader in the Nordic countries.

The safety, uptime and profitability of our customers’ operations are always our primary focus. We ensure that our customers’ facilities, equipment, projects and processes meet all regulations and other specified requirements.

In many areas we are an accredited third party with a long experience. This is why you and your customers can trust us to act with independence, integrity and full respect for your business needs.

Inspecta has worked with safety and quality issues in many different industries for over 30 years. Our ability to recruit highly educated members to our team has been a key factor to our success for decades. We provide our knowledge to match our customers’ needs.

We defend  our conclusions and are not afraid to point out non-conformities when necessary. Inspecta is your partner in safety.

Please get acquainted with our Trust & Quality Book.

We are Trust & Quality