Inspection, Testing, Certification, Technical Consultancy and Training are all safety related services which allow us to rely on a well functioning society. These services are used to create processes and products that we use in our work and everyday lives. This is what Inspecta stands for – a safe and more sustainable society.

We work closely with our customers to improve safety and productivity, by reducing the risks associated with customer operations, by verifying compliance with regulations and other requirements and by supporting our customers to improve the quality of their products and services.

We make it possible to operate in a more reliable and sustainable manner and to create a safer environment.

Our mission is to detect the invisible and prepare for the unexpected before a risk might turn into an unnecessary expense, failure, or even an accident. We will support you in making your business and help society become more sustainable.

Our mission serves not only you and your business well, it serves us all.

Please find the Sustainability Statement of Inspecta Board enclosed to the related documents on the right.