Inspecta’s story began back in 1975. To ensure that pressure vessels and other safety-critical objects were safe, the Finnish state founded the Technical Inspection Centre (Teknillinen tarkastuslaitos, TTL). The same year, a new law was passed for National Test Sites in Sweden, and in 1977, Sweden formed the Swedish Plant Inspectorate (Statens Anläggningsprovning).

In the 1990s, many countries began to deregulate the inspection market. Publically owned inspection companies were privatized to introduce competition. In 1995, the inspection monopoly was ended in Sweden and the Swedish Plant Inspectorate changed its name to SAQ Kontroll AB. In January 1998, the Finnish market was also deregulated and, at the same time, Inspecta was born.

In 2000 Inspecta acquired the leading NDT (non-destructive testing) company, Huber Testing Oy, in Finland. Inspecta’s expansion outside Finland began in 2005 when the Latvian operation started. Sweden became part of the group in 2006 when Inspecta acquired part of DNV, which had previously been SAQ Kontroll AB. Since then, Inspecta has grown organically as well as through acquisitions in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland.

2014 Inspecta Poland
2010 Inspecta Denmark
Inspecta Lithuania

Inspecta Norway


Inspecta Estonia

2006 Inspecta Sweden

Inspecta Latvia

1998 Deregulation, Finland
Inspecta Finland
1995 Deregulation, Sweden
1977 Sweden formed the National Test Facility

Finnish State founded the Technical Inspection Centre