• Trust & Quality
    Trust & Quality

    The market has great confidence in Inspecta. It is the customers’ trust that has earned Inspecta the position of being the market leader in the Nordic countries.

  • Vision & Strategy
    Vision & Strategy

    We bring safety, trust and environmental sustainability to northern Europe. This is the vision we strive to achieve.

  • Sustainability

    Inspection, Testing, Certification, Technical Consultancy and Training are all safety related services which allow us to rely on a well functioning society.

  • History
    History A history to be proud of

    Inspecta’s story began back in 1975. To ensure that pressure vessels and other safety-critical objects were safe, the Finnish state founded the Technical Inspection Centre.

  • Success Stories
    Success Stories

    We help our customers operate safer, simpler and in more profitable ways.

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About Inspecta

Inspecta provides Inspections, Testing, Certification, Technical Consultancy and Training services. We are the leading company in the Nordic area within our business.

We have offices in eight countries; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania  and Poland. We employ more than 1,500 people and have an annual turnover of 176 M€.

Inspecta Group is owned by the Dutch holding company ACTA*. 

Annual turnover 176 M€
Number of employees 1500
Number of services Over 300
Annual service deliveries Over 400 000
Number of customers Over 75 000

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Sweden

Number of Offices  80