Jessica Strömbro, Design Review Engineer

There have been no stops along the way for Jessica Strömbro, Design Review Engineer at Kiwa Inspecta Nuclear. She went straight from school to university. And when her contract with Kiwa Inspecta was signed, she was just about to finalise her doctorate in Solid Mechanics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The year was 2008 and Jessica was 28 years old.

Now you are responsible for the Nordic symposium Nuclear Technology?
“That is correct. 2010 was my first year, but Kiwa Inspecta has been arranging it for 18 years now. It’s the biggest event of its kind in Scandinavia within the nuclear industry.”Jessica Strömbro

What is the objective of this symposium?
“Mainly to encourage dialogue between people in the industry. But it is also an excellent opportunity to keep updated on the latest development, by attending the vast selection of lectures.”

What other work tasks do you have?
“Kiwa Inspecta Nuclear is one of few accredited companies allowed to do third party inspections of nuclear power plants. I review reports or calculations from different nuclear power plants, or their sub suppliers, to structurally verify components.”

“This past year I have also participated in a research project financed by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. It’s a fun part of my job and it keeps me updated on the latest development in the industry.”

Will there be more research for you?
“Yes, after finishing that project, I have recently begun an internal project focusing on risk-based inspection.”

What is best thing about working at Kiwa Inspecta in your opinion?
“The freedom we have in our daily work. We get freedom with responsibility, and no one pinpoints how we should perform our work tasks; we are trusted to decide for ourselves.”

“Also, there are very good opportunities for development. The management at Kiwa Inspecta Nuclear has a keen eye for finding individual solutions for us. For example I have attended many different courses, but first and foremost I have been given opportunities to explore new and different assignments. I like the variety in my job. Actually, I think I need it in order to not lose interest.”

Jessica Strömbro

Name: Jessica Strömbro
Age: 31
Position:  Design Review Engineer
Service line: Inspection
Location: Stockholm, Sweden