Filip Hagberg, District Manager

Welding has been part of Filip Hagberg's daily work since he finished his exam in mechanical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. After four years at Kiwa Inspecta he recently took on the position as District Manager at the testing department in Gothenburg.

Where did you first come in contact with welding?
“After graduating, I worked in engineering workshops with stainless steel. There I learned the basics of welding. I’m pretty sure this experience was valuable when I applied for my first job at Kiwa Inspecta.”Filip Hagberg

What was your first position?
“I started at Kiwa Inspecta in 2006 as a NDT engineer (Non Destructive Testing) in the team I am managing today. My job was to inspect butt and fillet welds using different methods. Over the years I have been certified in many different testing techniques. Dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing and eddy current testing are some examples.”

What type of clients do you work with?
“Our customers are mainly in the manufacturing industry, but we also work in the pulp and bio fuel industries and in petrochemical refineries, for example. I get to see unusual sites, like the insides of a train car for transporting gas, or the containment vessel in a nuclear power plant.”

How did you end up in the position you are working in today?
“After attending a course in marketing, I was asked to support the present District Manager with sales and marketing work. A few months later the District Manager  retired. I was recommended to apply for the job, which I did – and got it! I started in September 2010 and it has been a big change, but I really like it. Lots of new things to learn.”

What is the best part of your job?
“Being part of the entire process. Starting with giving quotes, planning the staffing and execution of the job, all the way down to the final invoice. Previously, I did the testing only, now I get to see the whole picture.”

Have you been supported in this transition?
“Yes, I have had great help from my colleagues getting started. We have a really good cooperation between us. There are no barriers, so it’s very easy to make contact and discuss things if I need help in any way.”

What goals do you have for the future?
“First of all learning how to be a good manager. I have attended a work environmental course already, and I have more management training coming up. I can see many exciting opportunities for me here at Kiwa Inspecta.”

Name:  Filip Hagberg
Age:  29
Position:  District Manager
Service line: Testing
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden