Risk-based Inspection Management (RBI) for Borealis

Risk-based Inspection Management (RBI) for Borealis

The Borealis cracker plant at Stenungsund works with risk-based inspection (RBI) to assess the risk of future damage. Borealis has employed the services of Kiwa Inspecta for many years to carry out its inspections and work systematically with risk awareness.

Minimised downtime

Borealis is the only polyethylene producer in Sweden. “We have to work preventively to avoid damage and minimise interruptions to production. This approach saves us a great deal of money and also enables us to improve our delivery performance and thereby increase customer satisfaction,” explains Pierre Billgren, Inspection Manager at Borealis in Stenungsund.

Overall management tool

In 2004, a joint venture project with Kiwa Inspecta was launched at Borealis’ cracker plant, which produces ethylene and propylene. The goal was to manage improvement processes in a more systematic way.

Introducing RBI required effort and money, but a couple of years later it had been implemented throughout the plant.

“RBI has its finger on the pulse of the entire plant and makes it possible to predict instead of speculate. It acts as a management tool that conducts in-depth analyses of all areas of our operations and assesses risks and consequences”, explains Pierre Billgren at Borealis.

Borealis now plans to implement RBI at their Swedish polyethylene plants as well.

RBI in short

Risk-based inspection management allows you to prioritise and plan inspections. The method analyses the probability of something happening and the consequences if it does. The analysis provides an overview of expected wear and what your company should focus on. With a systematic, data-based approach, this information is then used in daily maintenance operations.

Kiwa Inspecta has successfully used RBI with companies in the petrochemicals, pulp & paper and nuclear power industries for a decade now.

Value for money

“We have invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money in building up RBI. But we have seen a full return on our investment. RBI is a natural part of our process for creating a safe, secure and cost-effective plant”, comments Pierre Billgren at Borealis.